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Our six point training Package includes everything you need
to start a lucrative lash extensions career:

Hands-on Trainer

Classes conducted On-site,
plus Online lessons
Learn to Lash in-person, and complete your training with the online classes from anywhere!

Career Starter Kit

Over $600 of Professional
products and supplies included.

Model application

Perform your training on-site, with  a live model to work on.

Business Marketing

A practical business marketing plan and strategies guide to get your business going.

Lifetime Discounts

Students enjoy lifetime discounts on all of our products!

Lifetime Support

Students enjoy lifetime support on our training programs

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Group trainings are held monthly, and private (one-on-one) sessions can be scheduled anytime. Our classic and/or volume training sessions are 1 or 2 days, and include presencial trainer-Led in-class training plus one day at-home virtual training, see training package.

Clases disponibles en español.   Cours disponibles en français.

Financing is available for up to 36 months.

Group classes

1-2 days, 16-18 hours: $899

(8 hours on-site + 8-10 hours online)

2-4 days, 32-36 hours: $1,799

(16 hours on-site + 16-20 hours online)

Private classes

1-2 days, 16-18 hours: $1,399

(8 hours on-site + 8-10 hours online)

2-4 days, 16-18 hours: $2,799

(16 hours on-site + 16-20 hours online)

Make up dates:
For anyone missing their class, make-up dates will be announced, and usually scheduled 3 weeks after their original workshop date.

Upcoming Training dates, choose yours:

• March 21 & 22
• April 11 & 12
• May 23 & 24

• June 13 & 14
• July 11 & 12
• August 8 & 9

Get a comprehensive training eyelash extension workshop in sunny Miami Florida lead by celebrity lash artist Tamara Lake-Mair.

Learn from the most desired on Miami’s chic shores where beauty is celebrated. Lash Nation Inc, uses only the finest lash materials and USA-made, chemical-free, medical-grade glues. The result is a dramatic emphasis of each client’s own natural beauty, an explosive boost of confidence and a giant smile while heading out the door.

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  • Introduction to and history of eyelash extensions
  • Anatomy, structure of the eye and eye infections
  • Hands on training of application of lashes
  • Sanitation
  • Client Consultation (eye shapes, personality)
  • Adhesives
  • Using tape effectively
  • Drying (Nano mister)
  • Allergies
  • How to take care of your lash extensions
  • Refill options and the frequency
  • How to remove lashes
  • Insurance, Waivers and Release forms
  • Where to purchase products
  • Client relationship management software
  • Using Mobile apps for Booking appointments
  • How to effectively market your lash extension business
  • Social Media
  • Video Marketing
  • Free Business plan template

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Over $600 of Professional products and supplies included!

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